Speakers' Corner has been the subject of several documentaries that provide insight into the characters and the role of Speakers' Corner in society over the decades. Probably the most ambitious film is the 1hr You have the right to remain vocal produced and directed by Gavin White. Recorded in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it introduces you to several regular speakers including the late Lord Donald Soper, whose oratory was both popular and Shakespearean, and who first spoke in Hyde Park in 1940 but at Tower Hill from 1926.

You have the right to remain vocal by Gavin White.

Produced by Gavin White over many weeks, this film involves extensive interviews and in-depth analysis of the meaning of Speakers' Corner.

It features one of the last meetings held by Lord Soper.

Independent Film Archive footage from the 1950s and 40s.

The section on Speakers' Corner starts at 1:08. It features an interview with Rev. Donald Soper a prolific Christian socialist orator, and gives a good insight into the atmosphere of the times.

Speakers Corner short film by Syd & Beryl Pearman from 1986.

An entertaining film about Speakers Corner filmed in 1986 by Syd & Beryl Pearman.

The film won a 'Ten Best' award in 1988 and was shown at the National Film Theatre in London.