Targeted Facebook campaigning:

Purpose to win new supporters to vote for Jeremy in specific communities.

For maximum efficiency this requires coordinated campaigns by small groups of 2-10 people with laptops or mobile phones sitting together. They would focus on the target community to sign up new supporters and coordinate their work and record their success rates.

E.g. a campaign that targets SNP voters; this might be done by a facebook (fb) page/group for example one called "Edinburgh for Corbyn". It would focus on Edinburgh and locate all relevant fb pages for related political, students, campaigning groups, SNP voters. Then we would post as well as observe comments on events, e.g.

Yesterday the SNP posted the following report on Mhari Black's speech
It received 7800 likes, 689 shares and 356 comments. Many of the comments were focused on the Labour Party for example the following was posted about Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Scott only Corbyn would make this happen, the rest of the Labour leadership contenders are tories in sheeps clothing Yesterday at 10:37

This comment got 190 likes. Our team would then click to see who these likes came from and send "friend" requests to them and ask them to join-up as supporters and get involved. Remember this was just one post on one page. In this way we can expand our network outwards to untapped but sympathetic target audiences reaching many thousands every day.

It would need several people working together at a time to do this, as fb restricts the number of people you can send cold friend requests to. So for example to friend all 190 (above) it would be advisable to have about 5-10 people working on this. When they are friends we can add them a fb group, e.g. "Edinburgh for Corbyn" and encourage them to become involved online and in real life.

In this way they can the become agents of the campaign too.

1000 Voices for Corbyn

This envisages getting existing volunteers and new supporters to make short 30 second or 1 minute statements on their mobile phones etc. and post them on their fb pages stating why they are supporting Jeremy Corbyn. We have over 6000 volunteers, so 1000 voices is do-able in a short time. The fact is it a personal message from someone to their own circles may multiply and reinforce the impact more than reposting newspaper articles or memes.

Public Work in London Transport nodes (viable elsewhere too)

Teams of volunteers can best impact with their physical presence in the main transport nodes inside major Underground stations and railway stations. This is quite different to passive campaigning like having a stall on the high street. By this I mean inside the stations and trains. Maximum visual and auditory impact can be made by theatrical "happenings" e.g. in the intersection tunnels between the Piccadilly Line and the Victoria Line in rush hour maybe 100,000 plus people pass by between 5pm and 6pm every day. In these tunnels you can stand and either hold a poster with a message, or picture or for the daring in some theatrical costume relevant to the message, and also make a 30 second or 1 minute statement that you say out loud to people walking past. I have tested this, in some tunnels you can say a slogan lasting about 1 minute which everyone can hear as they walk towards and past you.  Ideally we would also hand out small (business card size leaflets to let people know how to sign up to vote and with a small message on key issues)

Videos on Themes

Make 1-2 minute videos targeting these audiences: e.g. Muslims, Students etc.